Friday, April 04, 2008

Yesterday was an even more amazing day - more like summer than spring! My good friend from uni, Aaron, came over for lunch after which we went out with our cameras to take photos. (He just likes to make me jealous with his new SLR!)

The hedgerows were alive with all kinds of insects: these are a few that I managed to capture!

These ladybirds definitely think it is spring

I wish I knew the names of some of these insects, but it is not something I know a lot about!

But they are definitely enjoying the sunshine!

I just managed to get a picture of this bee feasting on the pollen on the blossom, but unlike the bee of the other day, this one was definitely in a hurry and didn't want to stay in one place for too long!

I must get back to updating my art journal soon! I got as far as planning all the entries the other night, and sketching out rough plans for them, then I fell asleep! There has just been so much going on this week.

One last photo before I go - one of the beautiful flowers in my garden.

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