Friday, February 29, 2008

Time Flies!

I really don't know where this week has gone to! Speaking of time - I made this layout with a photograph of my brother's back to front clock the other day.

I've been having fun since Tuesday night with my car overheating and pouring steam out of the radiator - much to the consternation of other motorists! ... but it seems to be sorted now, thanks to the ever helpful mechanics at my local garage - I really don't know what I'd do without them! I really must remember to put water in the radiator ;)

Today I had fun catching up with one of my friends from University. If you're looking in Aaron, this is what I did with the first daffodil and your lettering ...

What do you think? Definitely a transformation! I did a little bit of tweaking with the lettering to fill in some of the gaps, but I'm really pleased with it now - Thank you!

When I got home today, I spotted that the snowdrops had opened out and just had to take a photo.

Don't they just look like little people!

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