Friday, February 22, 2008

How to Assemble a Trampoline!

Yesterday we went to visit to visit my brother, and ended up helping him put up the trampoline he bought for my niece's birthday in January. It took a lot longer than we initially thought, as it was being placed on an uneven slope. This meant that the ground had to be dug away at one end to make it sit level!

I made a photo collage of some of the pictures we took!

When we got home I scanned in some of my latest zentangles, and gave them some digital colour before uploading them to flickr. Then I fell asleep, which is why I'm posting this today!

When I added the colour to the balloons I just allowed it to bleed into the surrounding colours, but with the butterflies I cropped the colours to give a more formal look in line with the presentation of the illustration.

And I added another spring flower to my collection!

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