Sunday, March 29, 2009

Killing Time!

Whenever I've been sitting around in the car waiting for the children, I always end up with a wealth of images and doodles to process! I took these photos on my phone camera last week. The rain was torrential but shooting through the window created some interesting pictures!

I made this angel doodle a while ago but I wanted to see what she looked like with some added colour. I think she looks much better

When I scanned in this bunch of flowers, I thought it looked a bit lost on its own so I added a digital frame.

I've got a heap of other doodles which I'm busy turning into digital brushes at the moment!! I'll post some more images when I get them finished. I keep meaning to go out with my camera, but it's just sooo cold at the moment - hopefully I'll manage to get out again soon!

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