Thursday, March 06, 2008

Winter sunshine on the beach

Today the sun was shining, so I headed off to the beach to take some photos! These are just a few of the photos I took. As usual, my landscapes look at shapes, reflections and shadows rather than traditional postcard views.

I really like the shape of this promenade shelter.

The shadows cast by these railings were quite amazing. Add the fact that the sand had been sculpted by the wind and you get some very interesting shapes.

In the winter, the sand is built up into high ridges to act as a sea breaker to the high winter tides. This makes walking difficult because of the deep soft sand, so boards are laid to make access to the lower beach easier.

I just really like the shape of these seats!

After an hour, my eyes were streaming - my ears were aching - and my fingers were numb! It was really good to get back in the car which was lovely and warm from the reflected sun.

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