Thursday, January 03, 2008

O my! ... what big feet you have!

O my! - size 14's!Today, we went uniform shopping ready for the new term. Enough to strike dread into most parents’ hearts - but when you have a 15 year old who is 6'2" and takes a size 14 shoe - believe me ... it is your worst nightmare!! Today we had to buy shoes and trousers. We tackled the shoes first, as we have found a really helpful shop in Canterbury where they actually stock large sizes in black shoes (as against trainers which we can get much more easily!). And they didn’t disappoint us today … one pair of comfortable shoes purchased! Finding grey trousers with a 38” waist is hard enough, but when you are looking for a 33” length leg … you might as well be trying to get to the moon!! We were just about to give up when we found one pair of 38” waist 34” leg grey trousers … another result!! And I was happy as well … I found some bargain packs of chipboard shapes for making covers for my mini books!!
I guess I'd better get some sleep now!!

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