Monday, January 28, 2008

Creative Monday!

I've had another creative day!

First of all I played with some box die-cuts that I 'had to have' at an exhibition over a year ago ... you know what I mean ... trouble was I couldn't decide what to do with them! But after playing with the new embossing plates the other day it occured to me me that they might look good on these little boxes ... and I reckon they do! Trouble was, then I had to make something to go in the box! As the sides of the boxes are only 1½", that didn't leave a lot of room for scope - so I thought I'd make a 1" mini book. I'm really pleased with the way it all turned out!

mini book and box
Then tonight, when I should have been writing notes for tomorrows class, I started playing with blending options in photoshop (one of my favourite things at the moment) and ended up with this!

blended abstract Now I really must get back to writing those notes!

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