Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally finished

It only takes a moment to perform an act of kindness, but its impact can last a liftime.
What was I saying about visiting people? Scrub that! Number one daughter has had me building a web site for her latest school project - Battle of the Bands! It's all done now bar the last few bits and should be on line in the next day or so - I'll post up a link as soon as it's live.

Now the pressures off, I can't make my mind up what to do first. I made a quick bracelet yesterday and would quite like to make a necklace to match; or shall I start making a patchwork bag or book cover? Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, number one son has kindly brought home the latest offering in cold viruses from school and we're all walking about with croaky voices and running noses. Maybe I should just give up for the time being!

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